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“Trauma education is the ground on which therapists can dance.”

Trauma-sensitive coaching, counseling and training

Brainstorming für junge Frauen

Severe sickness, an accident, death, negligence, domestic violence, divorce, social instability, unemployment, a pandemic, war, flight, displacement - unfortunate events in life can affect everyone. These events can effect children, but also adults, to feel as if the rug is pulled out from under them. Behavior and mental problems can be the consequences.

Trauma education supports everyone who works with and/or lives with children and adults. It creates awareness for mentally and emotionally challenged and traumatized people and provides security in associating with them. The approach enables the discovery of one‘s resources and makes them accessible while showing opportunities to take good care of oneself and how to recognize when  specialized trauma professionals are needed.

Trauma education is not a therapeutic approach. However, it enables trauma sensitive action. Therefore, our vision is that trauma education - a  comparatively young discipline - becomes a  mandatory standard on the curriculum of professional educational, medical and welfare training.

We offer  advanced training and counseling. In your communities, we are geared to the needs of the local participants.  We support alliances, establish and strengthen networks, effectively and sustainably.   

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