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"We create a safe place for oneself and for others. The core concepts of a trauma sensitive and trauma informed approach to your work."

What we do:

Remote & on-site practical advanced learning

We train you and your school-, your administrative- or your community-team on-site.

We offer 1 to 3 day  workshops, depending on your needs, time and budget. Our workshops can be arranged successively or with expanded timing for a more enduring effect.

We highly recommend at least two day workshops, so that participants not only learn the subject matter and methods, but actually learn how to use, transfer and practice the tools in their particular professional environment.

The yuva Leipzig Trauma Education Workshop Program mainly addresses educators, social workers and employees of community youth welfare offices, employment office, immigration authorities and other municipal public authorities and agencies.


Due to our professional background in journalism, our trainings also address journalists. The program focuses on teaching psycho-educational basic knowledge of trauma as well as practical trauma educational tools. Our participants become more professional and competent in associating with emotionally challenged children and adults.

Description of applicable workshop contents*
  • Psychological and neurobiological basics related to trauma

  • Introduction and application of specific methods for a trauma   sensitive and trauma informed professional approach

  • Introduction to traumas sensitive strategies, esp. for challenging situations

  • Self-care and methods to facilitate resilience

  • Biographical approaches  and systemic methods

  • Individual case work

  • Supervision

* after a thorough scoping, specific content will be adjusted individually to customer need, timetable, budget, number & knowledge of participants

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